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Fun Stuff

Help out the PAW Patrol by keeping Adventure Bay in order! Complete all of the challenges below to collect all of the badges and get a prize!


Find the Bunnies!

Looks like all the bunnies escaped from the pet shop and are hiding at Porters. It’s dark outside and it’s hard to see. Chase, we need you to use your spotlight so we can find them.

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Rescue the Kittens!

Precious and the other kittens are stuck on top of city hall! Marshall, hop on your firetruck and let's rescue those kittens with your ladder! No job is too big, no pup is too small.

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Fix the Bridge!

Emergency on the bridge! Rubble, the bridge broke into pieces and we need your construction skills to fix it before someone gets hurt!

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Catch the Balloons!

Oh no, looks like Alex accidentally let go of his balloons and now they're way up in the sky! Skye, can you fly and grab all of Alex's balloons?

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Clean the Beach!

There's a mess on the beach! We've got a bin of recycling and another for trash. Rocky, can you help to sort through this mess?

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Find the Treasure!

We need some help in the bay! Looks like Captain Turbot dropped his coins and they’re falling to the bottom of the ocean! Quick Zuma, retrieve that gold for Turbot!

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