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Porter's Restaurant

City Hall

Adventure Bay Bridge

Above Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay Beach

Adventure Bay

Welcome to PAW where no job is too big and no pup is too small! When there is trouble in Adventure Bay, the pups of PAW Patrol are ready to save the day.
Every time you lend a paw, you can earn a new badge. Earn all the badges and unlock a super cool prize.
Whenever there’s trouble, your controller will light up and beep. Click the controller to hear the emergency.
Be sure and have your parents help you register so we can keep track of your badges.
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Oh no! Looks like there’s trouble in Adventure Bay. Click the Pup Pad to find out who needs help.

Find the Bunnies!

Let's Go!
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Rescue the Kittens!

Let's Go!
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Fix the Bridge!

Let's Go!
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Catch the Balloons!

Let's Go!
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Clean the Beach!

Let's Go!
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Find the Treasure!

Let's Go!
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Great job PAW Patrol. You earned all the badges and unlocked a super cool prize.


Uh oh!

Check It Out
Check It Out Check It Out

PAW Patrol Progress

Complete each mission to earn your badge and unlock a special prize

Leaving PAW Patrol!

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