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Action Pack Pup - Ryder

Call the pups into action with Ryder! This action-packed figure is a fearless leader who can’t wait to help the citizens of Adventure Bay. Need some PAW Patrol help? Collect each loveable PAW Patrol pup and work together as a...


  • Action Pack Ryder calls on the PAW Patrol to help the citizens of Adventure Bay!
  • Now you can become a heroic member of the PAW Patrol when you wear the official Ryder PAW Patrol Badge that’s included!
  • Collect each loveable Action Pack Pup and work together as a team! Chase, Rubble, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky and Rubble all have a unique transformation.
  • PAW Patrol Action Pack Pups come to the rescue of PAW Patrol fans ages 3+.


  • 1 Ryder Figure
  • 1 Badge

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